Q: How do I get to the track?

A: Please visit this page for directions.


Q: Can I still go on track if it rains?

A: Certainly! Wet suits are provided to put over your clothing should it be raining….we also think it is more fun in the wet!


Q: Can I park close by?

A: Yes, we provide free parking at the side of our circuit.


Q: What are your opening/operating times?

A: Please visit this page for opening hours.


Q: What is the minimum age/height for children?

A: The adults karts which we have at the moment have a minimum age of 14 and a minimum height of 140cm restiction. HOWEVER cadet/junior karts which will allow drivers as young as 7 years old will be available soon, please keep visiting our website for further details on these.


Q: Do you provide all necessary equipment?

A: Yes, we provide everything you and your party will need for the session.


Q: Is this event suitable for beginners?

A: Of course! We ensure that all drivers have a safety briefing where you will learn the basics of how to get started and our marshals will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Q: What facilities are there on site?

A: Please visit this page for a list of our facilities.


Q: How long does a kart race last?

A: We have a variety of race durations, please refer to our book now page for the list of events we offer.


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